Mindray Defibrillator DEFI-B

Technical parameters of products: Defibrillation Type: External Defibrillation Therapy with Asynchronous Defibrillation Electrode Plate: Containing Composite Children's Electrode (Adults and Children can use it) Energy Level: 20/50/100/160/250/360 Joule (50_) Joule Option Battery capacity: 45 discharges at 360 joules (10 discharges after the display battery is used up) (55 discharges altogether) Operating mode: intuitive touch key Charging Energy Display: LED Indicator Display Recharging Completion Tip: Buzzing Tip, LED Indicator Display Automatic Fault Prevention: To ensure the reliability of operation Internal release of energy: Yes Damage mode: contact bond Defibrillation pulse: sinusoidal single-phase Output: No-load operation and short circuit resistance Charging time: Charging to 100 joules for about 2 seconds, charging to 360 joules for about 7 seconds Energy Supply: PriMEDICTM Batteries: 14.4 volts/1.4 Amperes Shape size: 48*40*12cm Weight: 8.5Kg Power supply voltage: 200-240V 50/60Hz PRIMEDIC series defibrillation monitoring products are well designed, with "simple and safe" as the philosophy of production, and its superior performance has been proved in medical practice. So far, the worldwide sales of more than 10,000 sets and various awards are enough to prove that "PRIMEDIC Series Defibrillation Monitor" has been highly recognized in the international professional field. Note: According to incomplete statistics, PRIMEDIC defibrillation products account for 60%-70% of the German medical market (including hospitals, communities, fire police forces, etc.) and 30%-40% of the European market. The advantages of PRIMEDIC defibrillation monitoring can be summarized as follows: convincing advantages of excellent performance Simple and quick With operation graphics guide and display elements, users can understand the working state of the instrument at a glance. The model is flat and compact, light in weight and easy to carry. Because of its large capacity and short charging time, the battery can be put into use quickly without relying on the power grid. Charging speed, only 7 seconds, is one of the fastest defibrillators in the world, good rescue effect. Composite electrodes with children/adults. Unique anti-jamming lead design, rapid recovery of baseline after defibrillation (less than 2 seconds) Safe and reliable Extremely strong, ABS engineering plastic shell anti-impact. Excellent technology, good sealing, anti-splash, suitable for field use. New fixing technology, no internal screw, and shock-proof sponge fixed. The utility model has a shell structure, hand electrodes and joints are tidily and safely placed in the instrument. It has the function of self-checking and self-correcting, and can automatically diagnose whether the components are working properly. Ensure that the instrument is simple, safe and effective. It has internal safe discharge function. After tens of thousands of clinical tests, it is suitable for all people who need artificial in vitro defibrillation. Excellent technology, advanced technology, perfect and powerful functions ensure that the instrument can be used conveniently, safely and reliably under extremely harsh and special emergency conditions.

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